Small Wedding Venues in Phoenix
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What are some venues for a small wedding and reception in the Phoenix, Arizona area? We're talking fewer than 50 guests, and possibly fewer than 30. All inclusive packages are a bonus, as are venues in the SE Valley!
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We got married last year at the J.W. Marriott Desert Ridge. I know, I know, hotel wedding--not what we were really thinking of initially, but it was WONDERFUL. We had an outdoor ceremony in a pretty area of the resort, with a reception at Roy's after. There were beautiful areas for pictures, too. We had just under 50 or so guests and had a friend officiate. It was a very inexpensive wedding compared to most, and it was such a nice event--casual, but really elegant, too, and they made everything very easy for us. They were great about working with our own vendors (our friend was our photographer, we had a cake from a local bakery but served it at the restaurant, we had our own musicians, etc.), but they also had really packages available that included pretty much everything. It didn't feel "hotel-y". The other great thing is that it was very nice and convenient for family coming in from out of town.

I can't say enough good things. If this sounds like what you might be looking for and you want any more details, send me a memail.

Congratulations on your marriage!
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(P.S. Just wanted to note that our family and friends are still raving about ours being the loveliest and most relaxed wedding they've ever been to--with the best food. Highly recommend Roy's for a party your size, if that's your thing!)
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How about Heritage Square? It's absolutely gorgeous under the airy ramada, even when it's not dressed up for a wedding. Perfect for a small shindig. There are lots of hotels and restaurants nearby too.

It might be too convention-y, but I priced the Phoenix Convention Center for an event through work last year and I was shocked at how inexpensive it was. They offer all- inclusive packages that started at less than $20/person.

Sorry for all the downtown-y suggestions, it's my stomping grounds. Some other places to check out might be the newish downtown Phoenix Sheraton. They have a neat patio above the lobby bar/restaurant that overlooks downtown and looks pretty. I've seen several weddings there. Civic Space park has a sunken courtyard with a cool water feature.
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To clarify, the ramada I spoke of at Heritage Square is called the Lath House.
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I've heard really nice things about The Queen Creek Olive Mill.
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My knowledge here only comes from places I've been to (or been to weddings at), and is pretty biased towards less traditional venues in the Mesa/Tempe area, but these places came to mind off the top of my head:

I've been to a couple of weddings at the Wright House in Mesa - it's a small venue with a cute historic house & garden area in the back.

Inside the Bungalow is a historic house in downtown Mesa that's been converted into a cute coffee shop/yoga studio with a large front patio & an outdoor space in the back.

The Tempe Center for the Arts is a beautiful facility on Tempe Town Lake that offers some cool spaces to rent that might be good for a party your size.

If you're currently in the Phoenix area, I have to recommend going to the Bridal Expo this weekend. I went to the fall one a few months ago with a friend who is currently planning her wedding, and was surprised to see so many venues & vendors in one place. Yes, they have the awful DJs and whatnot that you want to avoid... but they also had representatives from some pretty cool less-traditional venues (and the traditional ones were out there as well) to let you know what's out there.

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There's a farm/restaurant in the South Mountain area you might look for.

...found it! it's called the Farm at South Mountain
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