Help me ID this band!
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Can you help me identify who sings this version of the song Cinema?

I love this version of a song that is called "Cinema" apparently by a band called Dubstep. However, I can't find this slow version anywhere- everything I've found has been fast/techno sounding. Can you help me figure out who sings the version that starts at :55 in the youtube video below? Thank you!!
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Response by poster: Sorry- here is the link.
posted by nataliecay at 7:46 AM on January 3, 2012

Maybe I'm misunderstanding your question, but according to the video description it's a version sung by the groom, Jason Evigan, and there's even a link to the full song included.
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For what it's worth, "dubstep" is the name of the genre of the remix by Skrillex, not the band; dubstep is odd shuffle-beat techno-sounding stuff. The Skrillex remix of "Cinema" is a pretty good example of mainstream dubstep; that's the music at the very beginning of the wedding video you linked. As bcwinters says, all versions of the song are discussed in the youtube description of the video. The one you're looking for is the cover by the groom of the wedding.
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Response by poster: I feel very stupid... I watched it where it was embedded and didn't think to go to the actual youtube page. Thank you very much for the ID, link, and education on dubstep!
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