Can Dogs have human painrelievers ?
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My 2 year old border collie has been boarded at our vet's for 10 days while we were on vacation . I picked her up today she was really despondent. I really thought she was just pissed at being left so long but as the day has gone by I've noticed she has been sneezing and very lethargic and just noticed she has a fever, My question is can I give her human pain reliever for tonight til I can get her to the vet Tomorrow , since it already has cost me 200.00 to board her. Help!!!!
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No, you cannot give her a human pain reliever. It's purely anecdotal, but I've heard of pets dying.
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I second aramaic, though I've heard this from people who work with drugs at a vets, so I'd put it a notch higher than anecdotal - I got the impression that the reason they were potentially lethal was known, though I wouldn't know myself. (So in that sense, it remains anecdotal :)
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Eeeeek! No, do not give her a human pain reliever: it can definitely kill her, quite easily. I work at a 24-hour veterinary hospital, and I really don't want to see your dog in there with organ failure from ibuprofen, for instance. (The fine print: a) I'm not a vet; b) not all human painkillers are toxic to dogs or cats, but enough are, especially given at the wrong dose and/or to a pet with unknown complicating conditions, that it's easiest in this case just to nix them all.) If she's really not doing well, take her in to the nearest emergency vet tonight: it'll be cheaper -- and better for her -- than taking her in very early tomorrow morning for an overdose. If you can't do that, for whatever reason, at least call the nearest emergency vet and ask them what it's safe to give her.
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Thank you all very much. I've heard enough to know I will just watch her for the night and take her in the morning, if she doesn't get worse through the night ..Thanks again
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Baby aspirin (NOT Tylenol) is usually fine in very small doses (depending on the dog's weight). I'd call a veterinary emergency/urgent care center to find out how much (or what alternative temporary treatment you can provide); check your yellow pages - there bound to be a 24 hour care center nearby (and they should be able to advise you as to this over the phone - I know mine has advised me as to dosage amounts for benedryl when my puppy was bitten by fire ants). Hope your dog feels better!
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Yes, you can give dogs certain human pain relievers for some conditions. I wouldn't in your situation. I recommend investing in a good book on canine first aid/health care. It will give you info. on what over-the-counter medications dogs can take, dosage information, and when to use or not use these meds.

If her fever is above 105 F, you should go to the vet sooner.
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The reason is that animals (cats, at least) don't have a necessary liver enzyme needed to break down aspirin. Therefore, it takes 72 hours for the aspirin to completely leave their body, as opposed to 12 hours or so in humans.

Funny, I was just researching this earlier tonight.
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I hope your dog gets better! Border collies make such wonderful friends.

I'd stay away from people drugs for doggies, just like everyone above. They are dosed and formulated for people.
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Benadryl is commonly given to dogs. It might help with the sneezing.
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My vet has given us baby asprin to give to our dog.
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Pressed Rat, keep us posted on how she's doing....(I've got four and have been in similar positions several times).
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Actually, that was MRS. Pressed Rat :-), who didn't want the hassle of getting her own account . Bonnie (the BC) was still kind of lethargic this morning when I took her out - but did eat grass so maybe plans on throwing up later. For all I know she could have eaten something - she's in the habit of chewing up plastic water bottles & eating my daughter's underwear & tampons (yuck) -- we have to keep the kid's doors closed. If not better soon I guess she'll be back to the vet......
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