Time to buy a quickie white tux (LA/SF)
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I need a white tuxedo, cheap (low-quality is fine), and fast. In LA or SF (needs to be faster if in SF). Ideally get it bought and altered within a week. Does anyone have any leads?
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What is your size?
posted by bq at 3:28 PM on January 2, 2012

I have never checked, but I assume those cheap "3 suits for $99" kind of joints have tuxes too. I got a basic black suit from Hollywood Suit Outlet on Hollywood Blvd. 10 years ago that I still wear. I paid $129 I think. Sure it was made in Bulgaria, but it fits well and the material is surprisingly nice. You wouldn't know it from a more expensive suit unless you actually looked at the label.
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Response by poster: BQ, I don't have the faintest. In ordinary suits I usually wear something like a 44 long, or roughly in that range depending on cut.
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A tux rental place might be willing to sell one of their used ones.
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Do you need to buy it? 'Cause my husband needed a tux double-quick and had no trouble renting one from a chain tux store. I think he went in one afternoon to be measured and picked it up the next morning.
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Jos A Bank, $129.00 (jacket only)

Otherwise, your best bet is a restaurant supply store selling waiter's tuxedos.
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Tux rental places rent to people of all shapes and sizes.
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When I lived in Silison Valley, I bought a used rental tux from a formal wear store. It was cheap. It was also thread-bare in some places. I took it to a tailor in Palo Alto for repairs, I think the whole thing set me back $150.

Unless you need to own the tux, it will be far cheaper to rent one. I routinely play gigs that require formal wear, so I own more tuxes and tails than suits. Except for the used rental tux, the rest are fitted and are likely to last the rest of my life and came with price tags commensurate with their projected longevity.
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2nding brujita. Tux rental places the world over do sell their used ones. Usually very cheap, just before they fall apart.
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