How to plan a literary scavenger hunt in Baltimore?
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I'm trying to plan a scavenger hunt in Baltimore for a group of college students. The sites should all be related to literature, film, or TV. For example, the site of Dashiell Hammett's detective agency, or the Owl Bar where F. Scott Fitzgerald drank. Ideally I'd like all the sites to be within walking distance of each other. I'm looking for site suggestions and clue suggestions! Thanks.

More details...the scavenger hunt should take place within about 2-3 hours, and it should all be walkable. I'd like it to be somewhat educational. Also fun. I've never planned a scavenger hunt before, so any general tips would also be appreciated. Many thanks.
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The easy obvious and almost mandatory inclusion is something from the Wire, but I don't know Baltimore well enough to suggest anything specific.
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Anne Tyler
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Best answer: Here are some suggestions from Fodors. I'd definitely do something related to Poe if you can, and John Waters.
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Poe's grave is an obvious place to include. I think you might have some trouble with the walking part.
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The night before he died, Poe was found semiconscious in the gutter just outside of right here. I always make sure to point out the spot whenever I'm showing visitors around.
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City Recreation Pier in Fell's Point was used as police headquarters in Homicide: Life on the Street.
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Right here. I'm trying to be clever, and Google Maps is making a fool of me.
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You've got to include Homicide: Life On The Street someway. The link provides some information on locations.
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