Where-y Potter?
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A couple of years ago I found a website that had a bunch of essays about popular culture. There was a group of them by one author that were quite (sarcastically?) critical of Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling. I'd like to find and read them again, but I remember so little about where I found them.

I'm pretty sure I found the website by clicking through a link on TV Tropes. I've tried going back there, but I must have gotten older since then, because I find the interface baffling now.

I think the site was pretty heavily weighted toward scifi-fantasy criticism. If I remember right, the guy (I think it was a guy) stopped writing for a while, and then wrote new essays when Deathly Hallows (and maybe even Half-Blood Prince) came out. I think the essays covered mostly the books, but there may have been some written about the movies, too.

Can anybody figure out where these were? I know that's really not much to go on, but maybe someone recognizes what I'm talking about. Thanks much.

I don't think it was Red Hen Publications, but that site is blocked here at work, so I won't be able to check until I get home.
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Was it that Mark Reads guy? I don't read them, but I know they're popular and sound similar to what you're describing. From google the project used to be hosted elsewhere.
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