Help me find this book.
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I'm looking for a book to make a friend happy. I don't know the author and don't really know the title.

A friend said her unfulfilled Christmas wish was to have a copy of a book that she read when she was a kid in the 1960's. The book was about two sisters who shared a room. They drew a line down the middle of the room. One sister could get into the hallway and the other sister could get into the bathroom. She said it was an innocuous, totally forgettable book except to her - and it was called "(my/her/your/the other) Side of the Room." She doesn't know the author's name. I'd like to find a copy of the book to give her for her birthday. Thanks!
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This Room Is Mine

The story is about two sisters who share a bedroom. One sister uses a skipping rope to divide the room in half. Neither sister can use the other sister's side of the room. The one sister that does not have the bedroom door on her side uses the closet as an elevator. In the end, both sisters decide that it is a silly idea to divide the room so they end up sharing again.
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There's a copy for $30 on eBay.
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Excellent! Thank you so much.
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