Name that TV Show: Historical Weaponry Edition
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Can anyone identify this TV show about historical weaponry I saw in the late '90s/early 2000s? Basically, every episode featured the host learning how to use a different weapon.

The host was a British guy with a shaved head (I don't think it was Mike Loades). There was a longbow episode, an axe episode, a rapier episode, I think a swords/daggers/knives episode, and probably a few others. Each episode, the host would learn how to use the weapons and talk about how/when/where they were used. It was probably on the History Channel, but it could have been Discovery or TLC. The show wasn't around for long, but I recall that it was pretty awesome.
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Best answer: Conquest. And it WAS awesome!
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Best answer: Lots on youtube...
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Response by poster: Yes!! That's the one! I have been wanting to rewatch this for years, and now I finally can! You guys are my heroes!
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