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Where should I begin to find out something about a company called "Daimler International Trading Ltd"? It's not publicly traded, and Google fails me. One would assume basic information such as where the company is incorporated is public information?
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From Wikipedia:

Confusingly, the name Daimler is used by two completely separate groups of car manufacturers. Both trace back to the German engineer Gottlieb Daimler, who patented an engine design in the late 1800s, built (together with Wilhelm Maybach) the first motorcycle in 1885 and the first 4-wheeled car in 1886. This was the origin of the Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft, (meaning "Daimler Motor Company"), which built cars from the 1890s onwards, and also sold licenses of its designs and patents to others. To avoid confusion and licensing troubles, the name Mercedes was adopted for the cars built by Daimler itself in the early 1900s, while the name Daimler was last used for a German built car in 1908.

That may or may not be a step in the right direction, but the major search engines aren't producing much!
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Lexis-Nexis Company Profiles say that it was dissolved on March 15, 2005. I'll e-mail you some more info. Out of curiosity why do you want to know?
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British company, type in "Daimler International" here. It was indeed dissolved on 15/3/05 as grouse says. You can buy the Current Appointments Report for £1.
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For a little more fun:

UK Okest International Fashion (05170866) has the same registered office address, as doesUK Antelas (05188896).
CNT Construction Investment Limited (04777833) is in liquidation, and they seem to do all sorts of dodgy construction all over central Africa.

If you tell us a little more, we can probably get more relevant info
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You guys totally rock! Mefi 1: shady company 0.

The task comes from a relative in Shanghai, who said that she was in business negotiations with them. I'm pretty sure what you found here is quite enough to scare her off...
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