Recommendation for a 35mm Scanning Workstation in NYC?
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Can anyone recommend a place where I can scan 35mm slides on my own at a workstation in NYC?

I have some 35mm slides that it's very important to me to scan myself. Can anyone recommend a place in New York City that would allow me to come in and use their Nikon Coolscan 9000 (or 5000) and do the job? Buying a scanner just to do this doesn't make financial sense, but there must be a place that will allow me to come in and do it, no?
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I do not know of a place that rents out time on a Coolscan. I do know that Photo Village rents use of an Imacon at $250 per day and members of CCNY have access to their Imacon, though that will really only be useful if you're already a memeber.

Alternatively, take the train out to Long Beach (I'm six blocks from the station) and use my Coolscan 4000 in my living room. Feel guilty freeloading? Bring me a six pack, you're going to walk past a beer distributor anyhow. :)
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The ICP has good scaning/workstation facilities. Not sure if there is any way to use them.
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I have nothing but good things to say about Print Space NYC. Imacon scanning for just $50/hr, great staff.
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So at those prices you may want to buy a scanner for yourself. Current flatbed scanners do a fine job. 95% quality of what a Coolscan can do and you will have complete control and security. Epson and Canon.
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Flatbed scanners are not the same quality as a Coolscan, much less an Imacon. Especially for 35mm.
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I fully agree with bradbane. Higher end film scanners are levels of magnitude better than any flatbed/film adapter scanners that I've ever used. No comparison.
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