New Year's Drinking game
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Long running drinking game for New Year's Eve? At previous parties, the host bought Hot Wheels cars for everyone, and if someone asked to see yours and you didn't have it, you would have to drink. Know any similar long running drinking games? No cards or table play, just milling around/mingling (drinking) games?

I want to do something similar for my New Year's Eve party, but I don't want to do the same thing: produce an object or drink.
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Sounds like a variation of the Challenge Coin popular among servicemembers.
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I've done this in a different context (getting other people's safety pins instead of drinking) and it might drive you bonkers but you could say any time you cross anything (arms, legs, fingers, whatever) you have to drink.
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Best answer: Once I had a party where I passed out little cards (to each guest as they arrived). On them was written an uncommon word that they were supposed to keep in their pocket and use. The game was if you could get away with using the word in a sentence without the people listening saying "that's your word", you could make them all drink. If they did call you on it, whoever figured it out got to take your card, and could begin using that word in addition to their own. I remember "tumescent" getting passed around a LOT, heh.

This was a party where I hoped for lots of different disparate groups to mingle. It worked great because once you've deployed your word or someone's had their word stolen, you sort of feel like moving on, and the presence of the game acts as a magic feather for entering other people's conversational groups without any pesky social anxiety. It sounds dorky, but honestly it was fun and cool, and everybody talked to everyone by the end of the night.

If you do this you might want to come up with a better answer for "how do you win?" than my answer which was yelling "I don't know! It's all made up!", with a big crazy smile.
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powerbumpkin, that is epic. It makes Broca's area tumesce, a little.

skinnydipp, who just lost the Game, will find a way to add booze to it (the Game).
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Take a deck of cards, or how many decks you needs to accomodate the # of guests.

Give everyone who shows up a card blind. trust them to not look, or seal it in an envelope.

At any time, a guest may ask another to produce their card. The lower card drinks, decide on the ace's value. Write down the rules on a big poster on the back of the front door, and have them initial it as a cover charge.

If challenged, once beaten, drinker gets a new card from swapping with someone else of their choice, or a new one if you have a lot of decks.

If you are ambitious, get small, card sized envelopes, and glue them all up before handing them out.

Not sure of the statistical break down oddswise, but just human nature tells me the people who go around challenging folks, will drink too, and as their luck goes on with whatever high card they keep winning with, they are going to be drunker that they ones who kept getting challenged. Then their agressive bullshit will pay them back.

Now, if you want a masterpiece. Get all the ace of spades you can from anywhere. When the challengers finally pass out on your floor, leave an ace of spades taped to their face. If they are being carried out, stick it on their back pocket or where.

It's what the 101st does when you want to let them know, you've been there. If they even understand the tradition, they will get the message.
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Buffalo lasts forever.

Or at least until you stop hanging out with undergrads.
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the movie game is endless: someone names a movie, next person names an actor in that movie, next person names another movie with that actor, etc etc. when you get stuck, you drink. for added difficulty, you can restrict it to supporting/character actors.
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you could say any time you cross anything (arms, legs, fingers, whatever) you have to drink.
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all my favorite drinking games have had rule making built into them, so throughout the night people get the chance to add rules. I recommend it, it keeps it fresh and unpredictable, and causes people to slowly drink faster throughout the night. You might want a whiteboard or something to keep track of them for all to see.
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@cmoj, that's kind of like Bros Icing Bros.
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Have a set list of words people can't say (like new, resolution, year, etc.) - when someone says one of them, they have to drink.
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Seconding Buffalo... simplest and most effective drinking game ever.
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Being left-handed might have something to do with my satisfaction with Buffalo. Oh, and the Wikipedia page gets one thing wrong. You can get called out even if you're just holding the drink in your non-dominant hand. Waiting for people to actually drink is a long haul.
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We had an ongoing rule with my friends when I was in my 20s that if you said "drink" "drank" or "drunk" you had to drink. It's easy to remember but pretty much impossible to not do, especially as you start to get hammered and your ability to come up with synonyms deteriorates.
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