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We have a few random ingredients. Is there a website where you put in what you have and it tells you what can be made with those ingredients? Alternately, what should we make for dinner (for two) with what we have?

This is what we have:

-2 or 3 cups of rice
-2.3 oz of chopped walnuts
-about 2 cups of Crispix
-1 packet of miso soup mix with tofu chunks
-1 box of penne pasta
-unbleached flour
-3 eggs
-1/2 stick of butter
-regular and dark brown sugar
-regular sugar
-baking soda and powder
-"sweet chocolate bars," not sure if they're milk chocolate
-a can of bread crumbs
-black pepper
-assorted teabags
-paprika (regular and hot)
-about 1/4 cup of honey
-vanilla extract
-ground cinnamon
-soy sauce
-Tabasco sauce
-spicy brown mustard
-chocolate syrup
-raspberry preserves
-Otter Pops
-tangerine flavor Emergen-C packets
-TheraFlu packets

We also have a basic assortment of pots and pans, a range, an oven, and adequate kitchen skills.
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Supercook and RecipeMatcher do this
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I think you want to have the pasta with the miso soup as a sauce followed by a chocolate cake for dessert with raspberry preserves dripped on top.
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You could also make basic fried rice. With soy sauce and eggs. If you can unearth some canned carrots or peas or a multivitamin or something it will be better.
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You could stir fry the rice with the egg and soy sauce. (argh power bumpkin beat me to it!)

You could make a variant of "Muddy Buddies" with your Crispix, butter, vanilla, chocolate, and sugar. (technically the recipe calls for Chex, peanut butter, and powdered sugar, but I bet using what you've got would still taste all right). You could even use the raspberry preserves in the mix. You've got the ingredients for many desserts considering the eggs, flour, butter, sugars, baking soda/powder.

You can search by ingredient on AllRecipes, although I would expect you might need to be creative with what you find because of your lack of core ingredients.
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I think the pasta would be better with plain butter (and maybe a little paprika?) than with the miso soup mix.
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Recipe Puppy is another site that does this.

Personally, I would make cream puff dough and have eclairs for dinner.
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Miso soup and the rice, either plain (you can put some of it in the soup if you want) or as fried rice.

Or scrambled eggs.
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I have a Whole Foods app on my iPad that does this and I love it.
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Miso soup and chocolate chip cookies for dinner.
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Er, for chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Sheesh.
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I'll stop typing now.
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What about that allrecipes site?
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And sweet flying spaghetti monster (heh), is pasta, butter, salt, and pepper underrated.
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Boil and drain the pasta. Melt the butter. Toast breadcrumbs in the melted butter. Mix with pasta. Add salt and pepper. Yum.
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Ooo, just noticed the walnuts. I'd toast them up and throw them into the pasta too.
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Well... for next time, you can always try MyFridgeFood.com. Just check the boxes for what you have (there's an extended list that includes more ingredients) and you get a good list of recipes, as well as recipes for which you are only lacking an ingredient or two.
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We also bought some other things, too.* And I forgot to log out of Metafilter.

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But thank you, everyone! I think a cake or cookies will be made sometime soon!
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Happy New Year's :)

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I want to see what recipe you come up with to use the TheraFlu packets.
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