Dexter Season Six
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Slightly spoiler-ish question about the latest season of Dexter:

My wife and I just started watching the newest season of Dexter, and in the first episode, there is a murder involving snakes. The problem is that my wife has a hard time watching any scene with them in it. So, without spoiling any major plot points, can someone who has watched the whole season let me know if snakes feature prominently throughout the season? Would it be possible to skip scenes with snakes in them and not miss too much?
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Best answer: That murder is the only one involving snakes, though it does get brought back up briefly in the recaps or whenever they're going over past murders
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Best answer: Just skip all the previouslies -- it shows up regularly in them. There might be a photo of the snakes, but I don't think you see them moving again. I believe they are mentioned not infrequently, but that's it for murders with snakes.
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Yep, what they said. But definetly don't miss this season, it's the best one for years. Just skip the previouslies. Hope you don't have a problem with blood, tho. It's a blood heavy season.
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If it helps, those snakes are computer animations.
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But definetly don't miss this season, it's the best one for years. Could not possibly disagree with this more, but yeah, not a snake-heavy year.
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