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I'm looking for a mediation/yoga retreat in the Pacific Northwest or Northern California.

I would like to take a weekend in January to go on some retreat. I'd like to go somewhere surrounded by natural beauty, where I can rest, unplug from the internet, and do some meditation and yoga. I'd like to do the whole thing for less than $500.

I was originally planning to go to Expanding Light - but between the flight to Sacramento ($200), renting a car to get there (probably around $70 plus an hour drive each way) and the cost of staying there ($180 in a shared room, $300 in my own room), it's seeming expensive and a bit more travel than I'd like.

So I'm hoping you all can help me with some alternatives. What I'd like:

- Located within 5 hours of Seattle (I'm willing to fly if it's a short flight, but in that case, I'd rather a place that's easier to get to from the airport).
- More focus on retreat and relaxation than intense meditation or yoga. I'm not very practiced in either, but I'm interested in a weekend oriented around them because I find them excellent at clearing my mind and refreshing me.
- A nice community and an opportunity to interact with other people (ie, no silent retreats.
- Would prefer a place without TV or internet access, at least in the rooms.
- Total cost (between transit, room/board, and any classes) under $500.

I would also be open to a rustic hostel/lodge type place with a friendly vibe and the opportunity to take yoga classes in lieue of a structured retreat center.
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Breitenbush Hot Springs. No TV, no phones, no cell phone coverage, no Internet, five hour drive from Seattle, yoga, plenty of napping. I haven't been but a friend goes frequently and loves it. She says sometimes there are people doing silent retreats there, but not everybody all the time. Will cost you less than $500.

Warning: naked hippie vegetarians, no booze or drugs, BYOcaffinated beverages.
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Seconding Breitenbush. It's been years since I was there, but it's probably just what you're after. As suggested check to see about silent retreats. If you luck out with some snow it's beautiful.
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If you're willing to cross the border, there's Hollyhock on Cortes Island in BC.
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In Leavenworth, Sleeping Lady offers two yoga packages: the resort yoga package where yoga instruction is provided on the premises and the snowcreek yoga package where you go to the studio to take your yoga classes. Sleeping Lady fits your description to a TV's and beautiful natural NW setting. The town of Leavenworth can seem a little hokey with its faux-Bavarian theme, but the surrounding area is astounding in its natural beauty. (Disclaimer: I live in Leavenworth). Snow Creek Yoga studio also offers meditation classes.
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Someone recently told me about Winter feast for the soul in Idaho. You'd have to wade through the website to find out if there's anything you can use there.
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> Leavenworth can seem a little hokey with its faux-Bavarian theme

Or it can seem a little awesome with its faux-Bavarian theme. See my profile photo for details.

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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions! Breitenbush has been intriguing to me for a while. I had read some not-so-great reviews that gave me pause but I know that kind of place isn't for everyone. However, I tend to enjoy hippie resort-type places, so I bet I'd like it.

A couple of questions:

- Has anyone stayed in the lodge rooms? What are they like?
- If I were to soak in the hot springs with a bathing suit on, would that make me a total weirdo?
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Re bathing suits: I asked my friend the same thing, as I'm going there soon. She said that it would be okay to wear a suit but you'd stand out.
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