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Help me find awesome and cheap prescription sunglasses!

I need to replace my sunglasses. I've been buying normal glasses from Clearly Contacts, and have been pretty happy with the pairs I've gotten. I'm having a lot of trouble finding a pair of sunglasses, though. The "sunglasses" section seems to be for non-prescription lenses only, and I can't seem to find the style I want in their normal glasses (which I could then buy with a tint). Can anyone help?

I'd like to get a pair like this or this, but can't figure out how to get a similar pair with prescription lenses. The pair of sunglasses I bought last year from them (normal frame with tinted lenses) were just too small. Not for my head, more in lens size, I guess.

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Warby Parker (.com, of course, if you want to take a gander) has great glasses and a great deal in which you order 5 pairs, try them on in your home, and then return them if you don't like. Granted, the don't have the EXACT style you're looking for but perhaps if you tried some others on, they'd float your boat. It's worth mentioning they've got great customer service, too.
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My wife has ordered from Zenni Optical a few times and has always been happy with glasses. They say they can do sunglass tin on most any pair of lenses.
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I've brought in frames to brick & mortar eyeglass shows many times. They have always managed to put in prescription lenses into them.
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Zenni Optical! I have about 15 pairs of glasses from them. Always been happy with their service and products. Here is all the aviator style frames.
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I guess I should have said, you can make any pair of glasses at Zenni into sunglasses.
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Zenni Optical, definitely.
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I think this is kind of an AskMe fail on my part. My intent was to see if someone could help me find big aviator frames on, but my question was pretty unclear. I'm sure Zenni is great, but CC keeps giving me coupons for free glasses, and I'd prefer to stick with them. I'm looking for help getting specific types of frames, not just looking for online recommendations.

Sorry for the confusion resulting from my crappy framing (oh man, totally unintentional pun, I swear).
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Unfortunately it's really hard to find cheap prescription sunglasses, especially if you want a larger frame. If you want those specific frames the best way to do it might be to order the frames online and then take them in to a brick-and-mortar store and get lenses put in - I would estimate that the cost would be about 200-250 bucks. When I got polarized lenses and frames from an online store it was close to 200 bucks anyway, and that was using a much smaller frame.
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Nthing Zenni.
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These seem similar to your second link.

I did "shop glasses by shape" and chose aviator shape. They didn't have many other choices, though.
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