seeking a weird, but very helpful, device that miraculously helps my PTSD
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I am trying to buy an EMDR device (psychological-support device used to treat PTSD, etc.) somewhere in NYC in the next few days if at all possible. I know great places for general medical supplies and devices, but is there a store for psychological/psychiatric intervention devices in our great metropolis?

Googling has led me to online links that would be perfect if I didn't have to go traveling in a few days and can't wait for shipping. Many thanks if you have any leads on this odd, specific request! Thanks.
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I know this isn't exactly what you're looking for, but there are lots of CDs like this one that use bilateral sound as an auditory method of administering EMDR. Are you trying to do EMDR to yourself? If that's the case, there are other CDs that are more self-help oriented. I don't want to read too much into your wording, but that machine you linked to won't "miraculously" cure your PTSD. EMDR is an extremely effective tool when done correctly by a license and specially trained professional. If you need a referral, here is a list of NYC clinicians trained in EMDR who specialize in the treatment of PTSD. Please me-mail me if you have more questions.
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