Help me find the on-screen music from "Hugo" please!
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Any idea how to acquire the source music from the new Scorsese film Hugo? The stuff the band is playing in the cafe and party scenes, in other words?

Making a playlist for my lovely wife based on Parisian music of the era, as inspired by, well, a lot of things, but partially by the soundtrack to Midnight In Paris and the on-screen band from Hugo. I believe the band from Hugo is meant to reference a just-arrived-in-Paris Django Reinhardt, and I have some Django, but I'm interested in tracking down the music played on-screen, which I believe to have been recorded for the movie. So far, all they've released is the Howard Shore OST, which... meh.
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Don't know if this helps, and you may already know this, but I noticed in the credits that the guitar-playing character is not just based upon but is actually named Django Reinhardt. So, though it doesn't point you to a specific recording, I imagine they're playing actual Django songs.
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After some googling, I found this blog apparently written by the wife of one of the guitarists in the film. Her husband would surely know the score (*cough*).
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You could just buy the soundtrack.
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Thanks, Bromius! Ideefixe, as mentioned above, the soundtrack they've released only has Howard Shore's undertrack, not any of the source music. There are some undertracks I'll listen to, but in this case it's not what I'm after.
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Complete end credits.
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