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What is the coolest iPad drawing app(s)?

I got one of these for Christmas and would like to give is a spin. I have another stylus as well for fine point stuff.

I would like to be able to save and resume later and send myself drawings.

Bonus if there is a mac version as well, but not required.
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I like Brushes ($7.99).
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Brushes is good. Veering slightly from pure drawing, Animation Desk is just excellent.
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ArtRage is incredibly cool.
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(As is Doink for animation. So simple my 6-year-old loves it.)
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This one... look at the examples:
Sketchbook Pro

I got it for free when I first got my iPad and use it often.
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I love Adobe Eazel. It has a great interface, once you get used to it, and is nice for watercolor-like sketches.
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I'm a huge fan of Sketchbook Pro. The interface is super intuitive and it's got a good balance of fast/easy/fun and got enough features to be work it.
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I love Inkpad. It's a vector drawing app from the same guy who made Brushes. I sketch in Sketchbook pro, and use Inkpad to finish the drawings.
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I think that Procreate is the best (with Brushes a close second). The menubar is always visible, so you don't waste time tapping on hotspots. It has less lag than other programs.

Another big part of iPad drawing is the stylus. The silver version of the 3M Smart Pen is fantastic; more sensitive and smoother than the others I've tried (Targus, Boxwave, AluPen, Adonit Jot).
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Response by poster: I bought Sketchbook Pro, Brushes, and Procreate (the last is currently on sale). I've only had time to play with the first. I am running into some difficulties figuring out how to get files back and forth and such, but so far I'm having fun. Will probably buy more and give a rundown of what I think about each.

I'm still open to suggestions.
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As I am not artistic at all, my favorite iPad graphics program is... OmniGraffle

However, I have Sketchbook Pro for the daughter and she "likes" it, admittedly does not like the imprecision of any stylus we have tried.
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