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Does anyone know where to buy cool-looking and functional birdhouses?
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Wasn't there a MeFite who was starting a bird house business?
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I was at the renegade craft fair in Brooklyn yesterday, and saw a ceramics table that had cool looking bird houses. They're called Perch Ceramics. Very cool, simple, spacey designs.
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Hmm, on second look, those appear to be bird feeders, not bird houses, sorry :(
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Not unless you think this is cool-looking!
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There are a few nice options at Red Envelope priced at $24.99, an expensive ceramic creation at, and here's a site with many interesting options created by Berkeley Rustic Birdhouses.

Though, if I were you I'd make my own -- with wireless video for spying on naked chicks.

An Excerpt from McSweeney's:

5. Should I decide to build a birdhouse, is true love possible?

True love is only possible once you have decided to build a birdhouse. The best birdhouses use solid wood and not particle board or plywood although some of the composites coming on the market today do show promise and offer the possibility of skipping the tar-paper and water-proofing steps that often trip-up beginners. Love exists only where a refuge is offered for the fragile things of the universe. Also one must be willing to accept that this house, of love or of birds, may never be inhabited. One should also note the birds commonly in your area and make the birdhouse appropriate to those species. Birdcages, however, as noted in literature and popular entertainment, are not acceptable substitutes for birdhouses.
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Depends on how you define 'cool looking'.
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Not only do they have to be built correctly, but there are specifications for each species (dimensions and hole sizes). And once you have that covered, you must hang them in the appropriate place (per species) -- like either shade or partial shade, so many feet off the ground, etc. The link above tells you all this stuff.
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