What kind of microphone do I need for recording audio for an automated telephone system?
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I would like to use Audacity to record voice audio files for an automated telephone system. What kind of microphone setup (USB or standard headphone / mic jacks) that will work with my laptop do I need?

I would like the equipment to be as inexpensive as possible, but it needs to sound decently good. Will only be used for recording voice. Is a standard headset good enough, or do I need a professional mic? Would it be less expensive than buying the microphone to just hire voice talent online?
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for phone quality, any old standard headset will be fine. Test out some different recording settings and see which sounds the best.
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Get an inexpensive USB headset.
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+1 for the above: The quality of transmission over the phone will be lower than any standard USB headset. Having a little boom mic that is positioned right in front of your mouth is the single biggest factor at this range.
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Save any .wav file at 8kHz. That's what it will sound like.

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I use the Noise Removal function of Audacity to clean up whatever I record into my fairly generic computer microphone. Works fine for me.
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