Tall Person + Couch = Happiness?
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My boyfriend (who is 6'4") and I are buying a couch, and we're looking for one that would provide neck support for his head. My previous question about our cats has led me to believe we'd be best with a microfiber couch, but most tall-backed couches seem to be made of leather. Any ideas?

Also, as mentioned in the previous question, we have around a $1500 budget (although we could go up to $2000 if necessary). Other factor - we currently have no couch at all, so we would prefer one that would not need to be special ordered. We're in Austin, if that helps at all. Thanks!
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Response by poster: Sorry, I should also have mentioned that we would like a sectional, but would consider a regular couch if that would make a big difference in comfort.
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I would try Macy's. They always have some sort of sale and have many fabric sectionals to choose from. I got a great deal from them during a friends and family sale in January.
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Forgive the obvious question, but couldn't you just get a regular couch and have the throw pillows do double duty as "neck support for husband and other assorted tall people"?

I hope that's not sounding glib; it's just what I've always seen the tall guys I know do (and for some reason I know an unusually large number of pretty tall guys). Of course, if your couch isn't going to be up against a wall, my suggestion is moot...
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Having purchased several couches over the years, I would say the most critical aspect for me is "napability." Inevitably you, and your tall boyfriend, will want to stretch out on the thing for a good snooze. Width of the seat, and length are key here. You'd need a long couch for his 6'+ frame. As far as materials go... personal preference really. For cats... something less inclined to pick up fur would be good... ie. leather.
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No answer on the neck support, but why do you think a microfiber couch would be good with cats? Ours are covered in hair (and we have 2 American DSH) that is very difficult to get off. (Dirt Devil with rotating brush & lint rollers.)
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Response by poster: We were thinking microfiber would be better because although leather doesn't accumulate hair, it's very difficult to repair if the cats puncture or scratch it. EmpressCallipygos, the pillow idea is an option, although we would still like something with good back support if possible.
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I feel your pain, OP. My husband and 16 yo son are 6'4" as well, and even the tallest recliner I could find, with a swivel base added, doesn't hit that head support just right for them (though everyone else fights for that incredibly comfortable chair since it basically envelopes anyone smaller in a huge hug of comfort).

Entertainment seating runs bigger, but it is usually in that black leather that goes with nothing else but stainless steel and glass.

Oh, and desjardins, cats may shed on microfiber, but they tend not to rip it up with their claws, like some will with the leather.

What you want to do, OP, is look for the newer, trendier 'high-back sofas'. And then you really need to hqve your SO come with you if you find any you like and try them out for size. It's the only way to be sure. He may decide it's too much trouble, and do what EmpressCallipygos suggests, but in your own home I think you really want to at least TRY to find the best height for the people who will be sitting on it most.

And yes, definitely look for long as well as tall, for the important napping option!
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High-Back microfiber sofa, and another example.
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Our cats scratch the surface of the leather, but no punctures at all, at least not yet. It's just a cosmetic issue that frankly I could care less about.
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Seconding Macy's. They seem like they're often having furniture sales - and they'll be honest with you if you choose something that will go on sale next month. They have a decent selection of styles and fabrics. We got our leather sectional there after going to a bunch of stores and clawing at the various kinds of leather with our fingernails as hard as we could. We found something tough enough that neither my cat nor my dog have managed to scratch or puncture it. My two-year-old did scratch it with something, but I was able to buff it out with some leather conditioner and shoe-polish.
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I am in Austin, and about 6 years ago I got a leather Natuzzi sofa from Sofa Mart along Furniture Row (on Burnet). I sat down in in it and hit the recliner lever (it reclines on each end) and leaned back and it seduced me and I just had to have it.

I have a pretty destructive cat with many claws, and she has barely scratched it (she is kind of clumsy when she jumps up or down). I don't care about the scratches, I figure I am going to have this couch for 30 years. The couch has no cat hair on it that I can detect. Requires zero maintenance.

The back of it is pretty high - I find it quite good, and I am six feet tall. I do not know how it would be for a 6'4" person, however.

The recliner feature is like heaven, I swear. If you have the room for an actual recliner separate from the couch, then you might not care about it, but I have room only for the couch. I use the recliner all the time. Well worth the money. Unfortunately I cannot remember how much I paid for my couch.

Good luck, I hope you find something truly awesome!
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