How do I move without losing my job?
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In two years I'll be graduating with a master's in internal systems auditing and control. I've never worked with an accounting firm before because my first degree is in English, but I wanted to set myself up to be able to move easily. Would I have to quit my job in order to move or would I have to hope that I get transferred to said location?

The program I'm in has 100% placement rate so landing the initial job isn't a problem, but will I probably be limited to jobs in Atlanta or do business schools generally have connections outside the cities they're in to places like NYC, Chicago, etc? Thanks.
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I guess it depends on what companies your school has a relationship with, but if they have Big Four connections (Deloitte, KPMG, PwC, Ernst & Young) and similar, those are all global firms. They have jobs everywhere in the world; it'd be a bigger problem if you had to stay in Atlanta, so having the flexibility to move is a bonus. That doesn't mean you're going to get to pick from every city in the world, however - you may have to do some time in Houston or Duluth before you get NYC or Chicago.
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Even if you get a job in the Atlanta area, all of the major auditing firms operate internationally. If you're down with the lifestyle of an auditor at one of these firms you'll readily be able to find a position in your target area within a year or two. Also, a lot of the entry-level positions have _very_ high churn, so you'll see plenty of postings.
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You should probably worry more about living near (any) major airport than where exactly that airport will be. As an entry level auditor for one of the Big 4 you will live mostly in hotels and planes.
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