Buying quality furniture at a lower price
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I'm in need of new furniture and I'm wondering if I can buy on-line cheaper than the local furniture store prices. I'm looking at manufacturers like Hickory Chair, Baker, Henredon. I know the advice of buying used, i.e. craigs list, estate sales etc. However, there are a few things I need right away and can't wait until the perfect used piece becomes available. Any suggestions would be helpful. I live in Santa Rosa, CA which is 60 miles north of San Francisco.

I imagine that the local stores have a pretty hefty markup for high quality furniture so I am looking for a way to see if there is more competitive pricing through other sales channels. I'm open to physical stores if they are lower in price.
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Around here (east coast) the local furniture stores will all be doing 50-80% off News Year's sales. I agree never buy at retail, but you can do well on the sales, which seem to be just about every weekend.
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The issue with buying online is shipping. It can make a good price an ok price pretty quickly.
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If you want new furniture at a discount price, find the stores that sell their floor samples and dinged-up pieces and mismatched pieces at a discount. Jordan's Furniture here in Massachusetts has a terrific area that, if you're patient, you can find really good deals in.
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