Which Simpsons "Behind the Laughter" line was lifted from "Behind the Music"?
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Which line from the "Simpsons" episode where they're on a "Behind the Music"-style documentary is actually lifted directly from a "Behind the Music" episode? Wikipedia says: "The episode contains many references and allusions to Behind the Music, and one line the staff thought was humorous was pulled straight from the actual series." That info is credited to a DVD commentary interview on the 11th season DVD. But what's the line? (I'm assuming Wikipedia is correct, which could be a wrong assumption.)
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I'm going to hope it's:
"For America's favorite family, everything was coming up roses ... but those roses contained ready-to-sting bees. When we come back--"
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Response by poster: Ha! I wish it was "I thought the cop was a prostitute," but sadly I doubt it.
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Hmm. The one I've always remembered from that episode, maybe:

"Fame was like a drug, but what was even more like a drug were the drugs."
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Willie Nelson's fence-mending eggs were starting to bear fruit?
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I had a quick look through the Simpsons archive for that, but can't see anything. Might be worth having a read though. Simpsons archive: behind the laughter
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