Name this very quiet background song?
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Can you name the song [29-second excerpt, 462k mp3] that's playing all too quietly in the background of a scene from season 2 episode 8 of Happy Endings?
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It sounds a lot like Failure or On, both Ken Andrews projects. Still looking. It also sounds a bit like Rogue Wave.
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sounds like foo fighters.
posted by facetious at 8:31 PM on December 28, 2011

Best answer: “Nighthawks” by Two Hours Traffic.

Found by using this method to remove the dialogue plus Shazam... that was fun.
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Cloudburst just won at the internet. I was in the midst of using the same method! +1
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Response by poster: Once again I am humbled by the hive. Thanks for figuring this out, cloudburst -- and so quickly too!
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