Deleting Duplicate saved Emails
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Outlook Express : need to delete duplicate e-mails in numerous saved folders after backing up and restoring several years of e-mail. Any way, other than manual, to remove dupes ?
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Since no one has answered this, I'm going to give it my best shot. There may be other ways out there, but I use (freeware) CloneSpy. ( currently shows as down for maintenance but has the download available, but if you want screenshots, it's available from several download sites if you Google it.)

It's not that hard, although the interface can look complicated. Basically you add a folder to what it calls a pool, and then have it search for duplicate files. It can compare the files regardless of name, date, time, and location, and also can find files that are not identical but have the same filename. You can set it to automatically delete the newer file, the older file, have it prompt you each time, or even just print out a list of the identical files.

Caveat: It doesn't seem to be able to scan Outlook Express' mail folders (by selecting the folder that OE stores messages in). Thus, you will need to create a folder on your desktop, or wherever, and use ctrl+a to select all the files in each OE folder, and drag-and-drop them into your temporary folder.

If there is a faster or better way out there, I hope someone will post it... I'm just trying to help.
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Thanks , Most of the duplicate search and remove programs I've looked at will not go into the sub folders where Outlook Express files the e-mail. I'll try moving the mail storage folder.
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Still looking for answers..
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