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What are the differences in what I can do with these two cameras?

I've read countless answers on here given to others guiding them on recommendations for breaking into the DSLR world.

This will be my first DSLR and I'm debating between the Canon
Rebel T3i and 60D

Based ONLY on these two bodies -- is there a huge difference between what kind of pictures they are capable of producing?

Also, happy to hear any current side suggestions on what your favorite everyday lenses are, accessories, etc?
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I just got a bunch of advice on this exact thing here:

(sorry for the self-post)
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I haven't used either of those specific cameras, but with DSLRs it's always always always 95% lens, 5% body. More megapixels are nice but if you're just showing them on a computer screen after a certain point it's not a huge deal.

I have a 7D and then lens I like to use each cost more then the body. (Which is why I rent lenses for serious shoots.)
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I can go on and on about lens choices but you can email if you're interested.
One of the big things that would push me to the 60 is the navigation system on the back. I've always found the lower end button system awkward, but the 60D has the wheel system that's similar to what the higher end cameras have and is SO MUCH better/faster/intuitive. My needs are likely far different from yours, but that alone would make a world of difference to me. I'm always put off whenever I pick up a Rebel, even though its a perfectly decent piece of gear. You may benefit from going and just handling the bodies to make your decision - it could be that simple.
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The T3i and the 60D use the same internal chips, so they should be roughly similar, but as blaneyphoto says, the wheels are my new favorite feature. In addition, the larger size/weight of the 60D are appreciated to balance out larger lenses.

The big differences really boil down to what you will primarily be doing on it.

If Photos, the 60D and its 9 AF points are much more accurate than the T3i's 1 AF Point.
If Video, the T3i has a "lossless" digital zoom which may be attractive.

All the reviews I poured over before making the purchase said the same thing. If you are primary taking Photos, get the 60D, if Videos, get the T3i.

In addition, the 60D is slightly faster, quicker burst, and has a larger battery.

Understand you are only looking at the bodies, but the 18-135 IS kit lens on the 60D blows away the 18-55 IS kit lens on the T3i. I personally use the Tamron 18-250 (old model) as a walkaround lens and am purchasing the 50mm f/1.4 as a Christmas Present to myself after borrowing my BIL's.

One last note, don't rule out getting a Factory Refurbished model from the "Canon Loyalty Program". A quick Google will tell you how to get a 60D Refurb Body for $639, or the Kit for $831. (The T3i is not available from the Loyalty Program yet)
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They will both take the same pictures because the sensors are the same.

The 60D has more high end controls and features. If you can afford the extra cost of the 60D then go for it.
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