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Hello, hive mind. I have a dear friend who recently left an abusive marriage. Although she's working two jobs, she barely makes ends meet and may need EFT/SNAP and housing assistance. I've pulled together resources from the official website of the CT Dept. of Social Services, but cannot seem to find local, low-cost counseling services. Southern CT State University used to offer clinical counseling as part of their graduate program for the public, but I cannot find it. Any resources for low-cost counseling would be great. As stated, this is a dear friend of mine and I'll do anything to help - even though I'm across the country in CA.
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I don't know about Ct. specifically, but the domestic violence charity I volunteer for in Austin provides counseling free of charge. So you might want to look at local DV charities.
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It might help to know what city she's in. You mentioned Southern, does that mean she's in/near New Haven? My impression, from what I've gleaned through friends and family who worked in related fields in other CT towns, a lot of this stuff is local.
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the National DV Hotline has information on free/low-cost counseling for survivors all over the U.S. you can call as a friend on her behalf if that is what she wants. another resource would be the CT DV Coalition. both resources will know of local agencies that can help with both counseling, social support services, employment, etc. they also should have referrals out if your friend does not feel comfortable working with them.
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Local women's shelters usually have a connection with someone who will do counseling free or low cost. They should also have programs to help with food, housing, job, etc type stuff of getting back on her feet.

i looked into it myself when I left my psychotic ex, but chose to leave state instead so didn't get further than asking what services they might have to offer
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My sister is in the dept that runs the clinic at Southern. They're closed this week, but here's the info:
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