Spreadsheeet for time tracking
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How can I get a Google spreadsheet built to track time?

I'd like to create a spreadsheet for tracking time. As I am on or near a computer most of my working day, a Google spreadsheet seems like the ideal methodology for doing this. What avenues are available to me to get this built by a third party? Would Rent-a-coder be the best way to do this?
I want to look at a graph of time spent on various categories of activity at work and at home. It doesn't seem to me to be an especially difficult spreadsheet to create, but it's beyond my current skills.
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Have you considered some of the other prebuilt options out there?
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This is actually a common use of spreadsheets.

You can easily import an Excel spreadsheet into Google Docs. Here is a list of Google searches for "Excel time tracking."
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The easy way - when creating the Google spreadsheet, go to Create > From Template (instead of Create > Spreadsheet) and search for Time Tracking or Time Sheet - there are a bunch in there.

An even cooler, though slightly more complex, solution that ends up in a Google Spreadsheet - log the time on your Google calendar using certain keywords in the event title (e.g., Freelance - Client Name). Then write (or hire someone to write) a simple Google Apps Script that automatically pulls from your calendar and outputs the results in a spreadsheet. The benefit is that you can use your calendar to stay organized without having to double-enter everything on a spreadsheet.
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Yeah, I'd definitely use free timeclock software instead. I like clockingit, which is free and easy to set up. The best part of it is that you can start and stop work with a single click.
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Consider creating a Google Form - they feed right into page 1 of a Google spreadsheet. You can create calculations and graphs on a second sheet.
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