Financial planners in central Virginia?
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Good financial planners in central Virginia?

I don't live in the state any more, and my mother doesn't have much local support/help. She's in a bad financial situation with a mortgage, home equity finance line coming due, credit card debt, and a bankruptcy in her past from when she was married. She really became self-reliant late in life, after the divorce, and doesn't necessarily have all the skills and experiences that would be helpful in this situation.

I can't help her much except with moral support. I'm not close by, and I don't know really what her options are.

I would like to send her to a very personable, friendly, private, reputable, knowledgable financial advisor who can look at any random documentation she can bring in related to her financial situation and work with her so that she understands where she's at and what her options are. The financial planner will have to be able to ask the right questions, be very patient, understand her discomfort with technical jargon, and maybe do some detective work on their own (call and talk to the bank, etc.) to get a full picture of where things stand.

I'll pay any sort of fee or cost to get her that help. The technical expertise and friendliness are both necessary and equally important here.

Any recommendations?

By central I mean:
South of or in Charlottesville
East of or in Roanoke
West of or in Richmond
North of or in South Boston/Danville
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I use Jennifer Luzzatto at Summit Financial Planners and I have sent a few friends to her and everyone has always found her skilled and friendly. She is a fee-paid planner, which means that she isn't selling anything, just her time. However, your situation is a bit unique, so you should reach out to her and see if it is something she would do or not.
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Massanutten Financial Services, Lise Beaudette, in Elkton. We are on 81 right now (i am not driving!) on our way back to Roanoke after picking up a tax thing she handled for us.
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I know and can personally vouch for Richard LaRue. (434) 293-6700
2340 Commonwealth Dr, Charlottesville, VA 22901
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