I want to buy a kick ass juicer - advice?
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I want to buy a kick ass juicer - advice?

I am one of those morons that can't eat the majority of vegetables as putting them in my mouth makes me wretch instantly.

This of course results in my not eating enough veg and constantly suffering the physical fall outs of poor health and low energy.

I have however, had some success with juice. I can pretty much drink any kind of juice. So, for my New Year's gift to myself, I want to buy a really awesome juicer, one that's easy to use, easy to clean, can juice pretty much anything and isn't insanely expensive.

Any thoughts?
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This probably falls under "insanely expensive", but a Vitamix will liquify absolutely anything, and meets the rest of your criteria.
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Someone will undoubtedly mention the Norwalk juicer. Supposedly, it's one of the best - if not the best- juicer you can buy.
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do you want something that will blend/liquify the crap out of whatever you throw in it, pulp, seeds and all? a vitamix.

do you want something that will squeeze the juice out of whatever you throw into it and separate out all the pulp for disposal? an omega.

as far as i know, there's no machine that does both.
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I have a Breville, which I really like. It's supposedly an easy to clean model, but it's still a pain to handwash. If I had a dishwasher, I'd be juicing much more often! It can handle whole apples, really anything I've put in it. I would think anything under $150 would be crappy. The reviews of juicers at Amazon helped me decide.
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You MUST get a masticating juicer (Champion is the go-to brand) as opposed to a centrifugal one if you want to reap the ultimate health benefits.

Many of the most successful, respected juice-heavy healing diets (Gerson Method, for one) are very explicit of the healing benefits of masticating as opposed to centrifugal juicers.

I've used both types, and there really is no comparison-- Champion is the way to go.
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Just want to second the Champion juicer -- it's pretty amazing. Although if you are OK with smoothie-consistency drinks, my first choice would be a Vitamix blender for optimal nutrition.
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Seconding the Breville BJE510XL. Got it for my wife for Xmas and so far has been great. Only complaint is that you need to slice up an apple to fit it in the tube.
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I've been a happy user, daily, of the Braun MP-80, for twenty years. I'm on my third one; they do wear out.
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Just echoing what others have said:

Juicers will take out pulp, a lot of the fiber, and will leave juice, which, if you use too much fruit and not enough vegetables, will give you a sugar rush. People say that the juice is easily absorbed by the gut and will allow your bowels to rest. The best juicers are masticating (super angel, omega). These are expensive. Breville BJE510XL is a much more entry-level centrifugal juicer.

Blenders leave everything that you put in, in. The fiber will slow down the absorption of much of the sugars, so you don't get as much of a rush. You are left with a very healthful drink.

I recommend you watch: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Great movie about an unhealthy guy trying to turn his life around on a juice diet.
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Response by poster: Thanks everybody, I guess I'll just have to start saving for a good one.
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