song title, ~1980's?
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Please name this ODD song: I first heard it around 1984-6? -Female voice. "punk" / Nina Hagen-esk absurd enough that it would never be a popular song. -Asian "style" melody -had lyrics "ou la la" in it. -may have had words: "on the radio", "chickens", "other news" in it

It might include the words "penthouse" or "flophouse".
I seem to recall it was synthesized music but am not sure.

Sorry in advance for being so vague!
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Perhaps not obscure enough, but maybe it's Siouxsie and the Banshees, Hong Kong Garden
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Not from the 80's, but Cibo Matto - Know Your Chicken?
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Are you sure it's not just Nina Hagen?
This is again Radio Yerevan with our news
I was born in Xixax (oh la la la dee)
On my mama's farm [Okay, I'm stretching for the chickens here]
No direct reference to a flophouse, though "my father was a junkie" in one of the lines.

The track's from Nunsexmonkrock, 1982.
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Best answer: Tenuous, but was it something by Frank Chickens? We Are Ninja (not Geisha) or Blue Canary, perhaps. Both songs have lots of 'ooh la la-ing', and the era's right, but there're no references to flophouses or penthouses that I can hear.
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The Selecter "on my radio" ?
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Where were you when you heard it? If you heard it on the radio, do you recall which station?
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Response by poster: Thanks for the replies, it was "We are Frank Chickens" by Frank Chickens.

The moment I heard the first suggestion (We are Ninja) I was 90% sure I was on the right track!

(found on youtube)
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