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Where to print out a boarding pass in Paris?

Hello, Paris MeFites. We're in St. Germain and we're gonna need to print out our boarding passes at the end of our trip. Anybody have a suggestion as to where we could do this? Internet cafe? Kinko's-type place?

We're on the border of the 6th & 7th about a block from the Musee D'Orsay. Halp!

And let me just add -- I know we don't have to do this, but I think it'll make the airport process easier to have those passes in advance.
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Milk is a reliable chain of cybercafes. There are definitely others, but I know for sure these are still open (walked by one last month).
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Print it at your hotel. They'll have a computer for you to use. (Even hostels will have this.)
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Just to add -- we are not at a hotel/hostel so definitely need other suggestions.
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If the cyber cafe doesn't have a printer, you can often get the check-in details SMS'd to your phone from the airline website or save as a PDF if you have a smartphone/iDevice. I've handed the cellphone over with the booking reference or airline locator, usually a 6 character long string, and never had issues.
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Also don't have phone access. Definitely need an external solution that involves printing them out on paper.
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Well, Milk for sure has printers. In French I believe it is called "impression laser".
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If you have the airline locator or booking reference, they'll be able to look it up at check-in if you can't find a printer. Most times, I just hand my passport over and tell them which flight.
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Any internet cafe, just about, will have a printer. Look for the big @ sign on a building.

Here is a search for internet cafe paris 6th 7th (refine at will);

Or you can politely ask someone for directions to a nearby one.
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Are you using Roissy airport? Lately, there are machines right before the check-in counters where you can scan your passport and check-in, and print out the tickets all together. If you get confused, there are workers around who can help you. I'm sure many airports have introduced that system. If that doesn't sound convincing, then Milk, mentioned above is a chain that can be found all over Paris.
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I haven't used a boarding pass in forever. When I check in I hand them my passport and they do the rest. Or use those automatic check-in counters.

If you need the boarding pass for reasons other than boarding, then I think an internet cafe is the best idea.
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If you need the boarding pass for reasons other than boarding, then I think an internet cafe is the best idea.

Agree with lydhre both ways. I never bother pre-printing boarding passes, either I use the machines at the airport or I have to hit a counter anyway.

If you're flying international, you're going to have to have documents verified anyway, which at the very least means swiping your passport through a ticket machine at the airport.
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lydhre, eriko: It may be helpful to know that for a few European airlines such as EasyJet or RyanAir, a pre-printed boarding pass is required or you have to pay an additional fine to check in.

Also, once when traveling to the US from London, we had this great Catch-22 with some immigration attendants in line who were checking passports/boarding passes. They wanted to see our boarding passes before we checked-in. We were trying to checkin to get our boarding passes. (There was a checkin machine but we had had trouble with it)

I dont know if these situations apply to the OP but it may be useful to know, if it does.
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Here's instructions to the nearest Milk from Musee D'Orsay.

It's a bit of a walk, but I have a bias for walking in Paris :-). You can probably do better with the Metro.
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Thanks to those who answered the question I asked.
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