My belt is awesome, and now it is falling apart.
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I own a belt with equally spaced belt holes along the entire length of the belt. It's falling apart and I'd like to get a new one, but I can't find one. (Example inside)

Here's a camera phone image of my current belt. It's falling apart, but it's also lasted me close to three years. I've found similar belts, but none with quite as many holes. I like this design because my weight tends to fluctuate a little, and no matter how fine an adjustment I feel like making to how tight my belt is, it's no big deal.

It doesn't have to be pretty, it doesn't have to look like this at all, etc. I'd like it to be black and cheap. Thanks.
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This one is black and cheap. I can't speak to the quality of the vendor. It's the first shopping result for google search terms 'canvas two hole belt black'.
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Best answer: Here are some from Overstock.

Many more options here, searching for "canvas belt double grommet". I'll let you do the digging for your personal preferences.
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Crap. Borked my second link. Here you go.
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Response by poster: Oh, these are exactly what I needed. It was probably just a terminology issue, I was searching for things like "evenly spaced belt holes" and not finding anything. Thanks!
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Glad you found a belt. This seems irrelevant now, but: if you buy a grommet setter, you can put holes in fabric all day long.
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If you don't want to order online your local military surplus store will probably have these.
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Best answer: Not exactly what you had, but I have a braided leather belt (I got it on sale at the Gap!) and you can infinitely adjust it. So.
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I was going to recommend something similar to box.. An all leather belt and a leather hole punch. Grommets optional.
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