Job Guru for Ankler in L.A.
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Anyone know a good career counselor in Los Angeles?

I'd like to exit the entertainment/arts freelance rat-race for something more stable, especially since I never run into people over age 45 in my line of work. (Are they all dead? Did they move to the flyover states?) Plus, I have a family, so the full speed/stop and feast/famine cycles are getting a little old, especially with school schedules and such. I'm open to anything, including finding a vanilla part-time or office job within the entertainment business, so someone who works with (ugh) "creatives" would be nice. Thanks in advance for your recommendations!
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I'm not in the LA-area, but I do know that many public universities offer career counseling services for the public. I would try giving them a call first because even if they don't serve the public, they will probably be able to refer you to someone local and accredited.

Good luck!
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