Firefox 8 is missing my magic arrow
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My work computer just upgraded to Firefox 8 (which I've had at home for a while and that's been fine) and I can't figure out how to do this one thing it did in old Firefox. So in whatever version I was using previously, I could click on a tiny downward-pointing arrow on a tab (or right near a tab, I don't remember, or maybe right near the back button) and get to that tab's recent history, so I could go back to recent searches or whatever else (the regular Recent History doesn't work for this, as I have multiple tabs open at a time, and the titles appear the same on my internal database). How do I bring this magic arrow back to new Firefox? I really need to be able to view a specific tab's recent history.
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Best answer: If I understand your question correctly, holding the back button down for a second or two might do the trick.
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Best answer: Right-clicking on the back/forward buttons while keeping a tab in focus will bring up the history for that tab.
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Response by poster: Both of those things do exactly what I needed!! THANK YOU.
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Also, if you have a scroll mouse, if you right click and then scroll up you get the history of that tab. (Right click and the scroll down gives you all the current tabs.)
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yesssssssssssss I HAVE BEEN THINKING THIS QUESTION SO HARD thank you!!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks, Gyan, for a new method!
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