dog park that's not a dog park?
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Would like to find a dog-friendly park that's a decent distance from Berkeley, CA. Specific requirements inside.

I'd like it to be at least a couple hours' drive or so from home so that we can make a day of it and get away from the usual surroundings for a bit. Also, one of our two dogs is not always super-friendly with other dogs so it would be nice if this was not an "official" dog park, or was otherwise not teeming with dogs. I'm imagining just finding a quiet wooded area or field off the road somewhere but if I just go driving with that in mind I'll inevitably end up frustrated.

Thanks for any help.
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Here's the Bay Area Hiker guide that gives info on all hiking areas and the rules regarding dogs. I tend to just take my dog and let him run loose. I've never had complaints to put him on leash, even in areas where dogs are supposed to be. (I wouldn't do this is some bird nesting/fragile eco preserve or the like.) I choose trails with light traffic and go on week days or early mornings if it's the weekend. (I have a very large, intact male dog, who is friendly but some dogs don't like that he has his balls so I prefer not to be around a zillion other dogs.) These are Bay Area hikes so they may not be far enough afield for you.
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Have you looked at Los padres national forest, particularly near big sur? All national forest land is open to dogs, and big chunks of that forest is practically deserted.
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