What's a good bar to work from in downtown Seattle?
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I'm looking for a good bar to work from in Seattle, specifically the Belltown/Queen Anne neighborhoods but anywhere within a mile or so would be fine.

I work remotely, and usually at home or in an empty office, and once or twice a week I like to spend my evenings working from a bar to pretend I'm being social.

I need decent WiFi, good beer that I can sip rather than chug, and small-ish tables I can hole up at with a laptop for several hours and not feel like I'm costing the place money by camping out at a four-top. I really like The Naked City in Greenwood, but would like to find somewhere similar but closer to my apartment.
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How do you feel about Irish bars?

I personally really like Mulleady's, in Magnolia. It's right over the Magnolia bridge from QA. If you're more in the Belltown and lower Queen Anne area, it may be a little far, but it's worth checking out.

Though I've never worked from there, they have a nice atmosphere, pretty laid-back most nights I've been there. Their infused seasonal beer is also really good (you should really get there before their winter seasonal infusion goes away.... so good!)

Otherwise, McMenamin's is also nice. It's a chain, so there are a few in Seattle, but the Lower QA one is good. Their happy hour is cheap, and they have cajun tots.
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Fonte is a 'cafe/wine bar' under Harbor Steps on 1st - I don't think it actually has beer but otherwise might suit. A little expensive but very good food and reliable wifi. Often has people in there on a laptop and probably doesn't get very exciting.
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The McMenamin's in Fremont is a little out of range (right?), but that one is pretty popular among people I know as a work spot.
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zvs-- Sadly, that McMenamin's went out a few months ago. The rent on the building was too high, from what I've heard.
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lockstitch: Irish bars are great; Mulleady's is a little bit farther than I was looking for, but I'll give it a visit just for the beer.
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