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Renting a car in BC to drive to WA state - Why can't I? How could I?

I would like to rent a SUV with winter tires so I can drive to WA state and cross-country ski in the Methow near Winthrop WA.

This trip would entail driving in the winter, a few months from now: over mountain passes, using windy roads, crossing an international border mid-province, then down a highway and a 2-lane highway to my final destination in Mazama in North-Central Washington.

Yes, crossing an international border. The buck stops there...

Any rental agency here in Vancouver BC will rent me a car - but admitting to plans for crossing the border automatically slams the door on the transaction. I called Budget and a few others and heard the same thing: no.

Do you know of any agencies that will allow this? Why can my friends rent a car at SeaTac and come up to Vancouver BC for a visit, but I cannot do the same from my province to visit WA? Who can I call that would allow this? Should I visit the rental franchises one by one to find one that allows this, or is it a unilateral NO across British Columbia?

If you rented a car in BC and went to visit your friends in the friendly state next door, I would like to hear from you - and find out who you rented from. Thank you in advance!!
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I regularly do this. I don't know why you're hitting a problem. But I usually rent from the airport locations.
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Best answer: (Hertz and Enterprise.)
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Best answer: I rented a car from Hertz at Vancouver airport to drive down to Oregon. They didn't have a problem with that, but it was about 8 years ago.
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Best answer: Is this helpful--you might try an airport--there are restrictions depending on your residency and destination. Also tied up with auto insurance coverage. I would not do it without telling the rental company unless you have a written statement from your insurer that they will cover the car in both countries even if the auto rental company does not allow cross border use. I would guess that violating the terms of rental agreement would nullify both the rental companies insurance and your insurance. Have you considered using separate rentals originating in the respective countries.
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Best answer: I too have had the experience that renting a car from the airport locations usually have fewer travel restrictions.
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Response by poster: hmmm, seems like a visit to YVR is in order.
Indeed, I will be renting from Vancouver, and returning the car to Vancouver.
Thank you for the reassurance and the links!
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I rented from Discount Car Rental when I lived in Vancouver and drove it down to Washington. They had no problems with that at all. Downtown location, too. ...That said, I just went to their site and they seem to have gotten rid of the location I used. They have some others, so they may be worth a try.

Since moving to Ontario, I rent cars from Avis all the time and take them to Michigan and New York; their policies explicitly allow this. Again, I don't use airport locations. Might be worth a shot.
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I did this last year going the other direction (from the Seattle airport up to Vancouver) from Budget, and nobody batted an eye. And I was under 25 at the time!
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Response by poster: heyforfour - indeed ! which makes the restrictions on going the other way (Canadian citizen renting Canadian registered car at a Canadian rental outlet, returning to Canada and to the same rental outlet) so baffling.

Thank you all for your inputs and insights! I will take the skytrain to the YVR airport and investigate the car rental situation in person.
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Best answer: seawallrunner, i've rented a car to go to Washington on two separate occasions. once i rented from Budget (the location on W. Georgia, near the library) for a personal trip, and once i rented from Dollar/Thrifty (on Seymour, near Waterfront Station) for a work trip. both times i was asked if i was driving to WA, and both times i was honest and said yes, and it wasn't a problem.

no idea why you're getting the run around, but i don't think you have to go to YVR if it's out of your way. good luck!
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Best answer: I've rented twice from Enterprise (the non-airport Abbotsford office) and part of the contract was that BC (maybe all of Canada) and Washington were fine, but anywhere else is the States was prohibited (so was taking a dog in the car, but we don't need to tell them about that).
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Response by poster: thank you all for your comments and suggestions. As the trip draws near, I am carpooling with a friend. Really appreciate your time and advice on this gnarly question.
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