Will Ford service Land Rover?
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I'm thinking about purchasing a used Land Rover. I know that up until recently, they were owned by Ford. Will Ford dealerships/service shops service Land Rovers, or only specialty/import shops? I'm in the Milwaukee area.
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My husband owns a used Land Rover, to his knowledge Ford dealerships have not serviced Rovers in the past (not the right parts, no one trained to service them.) You need to go to an independent shop or an actual Rover dealer.
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Yeah, Ford dealers are not the place to go. There are Land Rover dealerships around, and lots of specialists.
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Rover != Land Rover. Well, not in the last dozen years anyway.

It might help to know what kind of Landie you're talking about? Disco? Freelander? Defender? And how old?

(so tempted by a Defender 110 right now...)
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Aaaand, now I shut the hell up, since Land Rover USA's website doesn't seem to think the Defender exists and it calls the Freelander and Discovery the LR2 and LR4.
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Where does the person from whom you might buy the car get it serviced? Do they have service records? IF you are both in Milwaukee, could you get it serviced where they did?
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There are a couple of Land Rover dealers showing up in the Milwaukee area. None of the parent companies of Land Rover (that I am aware of) have ever tried to absorb the Land Rover servicing to any degree because they are so specialised.

You're better of staying with Land Rover dealers.

Also, Rover is not at all the same as Land Rover (not since 1988).
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I am a self proclaimed Land Rover enthusiast. I currently have a '95 Range Rover County and a '71 Series IIa. Depending on the year I would recommend passing on any modern (1990ish +) rover. Owning a rover is really an act of frustration and love/passion. They are often temperamental and leaky (if it isnt leaking then it is empty) and are expensive to repair. In the US, they dont often have the aftermarket part support that the American and Asian brands. To further compound issues, the pound and euro is worth more than dollar making parts even more expensive.

But, they are also some of the most fun and capable vehicles around. Although, if your plan is mainly to use it as a mall crawler or grocery getter, there are tons of better choices like a Land Cruiser.

Your best choice is to try to do the maintenance yourself. If not, then an independent Rover shop is almost always better than the $stealership.

Check out http://bushducks.com/search/search.asp to find a decent shop
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