So now I have egg on my face, but are there any in the batter?
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Drunk Baking Problem! I don't know if I put eggs in this batter before putting it in the fridge. How can I tell for sure?

At some point last night during drunk Christmas Eve revels I decided to get a head start on all the baking I had to do today. I creamed the batter before realizing we were out of flour, so I put the batter in the fridge for the next day when I could run to the store.

The recipe calls for FIVE eggs, and I'm about 65% sure there are eggs in this batter. The only other ingredients mixed thus far in the batter are a 1/2 pound of butter, 1/2 cup of shortening and 3 c of sugar. The batter is thawing a bit now, but this is what it looks like. Any science-y ways of figuring out for sure if there are eggs in here?
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Well where would you have put the shells? In the trash? In the compost?
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Are there eggshells in your trash or compost bin?
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How many eggs do you have left in the fridge or carton or whatever?

(I suppose you could also weigh the non-egg ingredients, then compare that to the weight of your batter, but that doesn't seem like the easiest or most reliable approach.)
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Five eggs in that much batter is a lot of liquid. Without them, you'd have a thick paste, with them, a more runny batter. What's the texture like?

Volume is probably the easiest way to know for sure. You have 1.5 cups of fat and 3 of sugar. Pour it into a measuring cup and see if you have significantly more than 4.5 cups. An egg is about 50ml, so five eggs is about a cup. Do you have 4.5 cups of batter or 5.5 cups?
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Try heating a spoonful of it in a frying pan. If it's just butter, shortening and sugar, it'll just . If it's got eggs in it, you'll have something that looks more like greasy scrambled eggs.
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Sorry, first sentence should end ''ll just turn to liquid, then caramelise.'
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There are plenty of egg shells in the trash, but I've been baking a LOT of eggy things, plus I've made eggnog, so unless I peel through layers of garbage and piece together all the egg shells, that sort of detective work won't work. That would be my first response too, though!

I like both bethnull and bea arthur's answers, and tried the frying pan method first. At first I thought it was caramelizing and now it does sort of look like greasy eggs.

And just to clarify, I wasn't *that* drunk when I started baking - I'd been baking all day and into the night, so how many eggs cracked for which dishes has turned into a blur.
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It caramelized into brown gunk. No eggs! Way to go, Metafilter.
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Heh. This has happened to me while baking sober.
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Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.
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My suggestion would have been to recreate the mood. Get drunk and try to remember.
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Coming in late but in case it happens to someone else: I am hooked on using a baking scale because I am an easily distracted baker. You can find the weights of baking ingredients online and add it all up to see what you should have vs. what you actually have.
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Update! The science experiment worked. Results involved an amazing spice cake with five, not ten, eggs. Thanks!
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