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Facebook is sending a "security code" to a phone number I no longer have. What do I do now?

I've already gone around in several circles on the help screens, naming tagged friends, answering security questions, changing passwords, confirming birthdates. Nevertheless, I can get no further than the screen which says it is sending a security code --- to my old phone. What do I do now?
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I don't know how long before they reassign a number these days, but it might be worth txting the number yourself, explain the situation as succinctly as possible, and get them to forward you the code (if there's someone on the other side).
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Response by poster: I know the answer to the question, now.

Scan in your government-issued ID or driver's license or passport, email it to Facebook admins, then get rejected anyway.

i.e. it seems there is no way back in once you are locked out.

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Try calling a a human at Facebook. Tho' it appears they prefer arcane and impenetrable 'help' forms.

Facebook: Blocked or Disabled
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GetHuman has pretty obnoxious site design, but might be of some use in contacting a useful human being at FB. See here.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the good times. Bottom line is, if I signed up to Facebook with an older phone number and a name which was not my real name, I am S. O. L. and cannot get back in.
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Facebook has a policy against signing up with a fake name. Of course you can't get back in if you originally signed up with a fake name you cannot now prove is your name. You seem to be asking Facebook to change their policy, which I can assure you they won't do even if you can prove you once had the security phone number, as long as you can't prove the name you used is your own. You seem to be asking "how do I fool Facebook into believing my original fake name is my real name." The only answer to that is probably illegal, and involves using a fake ID. You aren't entitled to a facebook account in the first place; they can delete any account they want to delete. You certainly aren't entitled to have an account that violates their terms of service, and this question therefore makes no sense.
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Best answer: The question makes perfect sense. How can I get back in if I don't have my old phone number any more? The answer to this question is discussed in great detail over in Metatalk. I signed up for Facebook waaaaay back in 2007, and they seemed to enjoy having me on their site until this Christmas 2011. Now all my pictures are trapped and all my Facebook friends are gone, and I am very angry.
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