What does it take to make a cisco/linksys E2500 router work in bombay, india?
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What does it take to make a cisco/linksys E2500 router work in bombay, india? I'm trying to connect a cisco router to an internet access point in bombay, india. Currently, there is a single computer hooked up to a cable modem. That works fine but I want to add a router for additional access ( wireless and cable ). Details follow....

I can talk to the router with a PC through a browser so there's no problem accessing the router locally. The isp (Incable) gives the router a valid IP address so there's at least some connectivity. However, a end user has no internet access.

Now, this is not too surprising. I believe the ISP "locks" the account to a specific device - the PC in this case. My hope was that I could make the router look like the PC to the ISP. In fact, the router has a feature that allows you to "clone" the mac address of a connected device. This cloning seems to work - the router picks up the PC mac address and shows it as it's own but it doesn't help.

The error that I get is that DNS lookup fails for all websites that I try to access. I'm using opendns.com for dns lookup both at the pc level and the router and it seems to work fine if I remove the router and connect the pc directly to the modem.

Does anyone have any experience with this situation or have any thoughts on what else needs to be done or if this might not be doable at all? Thanks in advance for any and all responses. I appreciate your help.
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Well can you ping the next step up in the chain? Probably the DSL/cable modem, or the ISP's gateway if there's no modem. You can find it by doing a traceroute when the router isn't connected to some well known site, and look at the first few hops. Then put the router in, and see if you can ping your way up in the chain (using IPs only, not DNS names) to see where the break is.

If you can log into the router's console, I would perform the pings from it directly. Once you've established that the router itself can ping the outside world (from its WAN side), then you can start testing devices that are plugged into its LAN side, because that introduces the additional wrinkle of NAT and requires that the router's internal DHCP server and IPMasq setup be working correctly.
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ping the router, ping the isp gateway ip, ping the dns server
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My set-up is a bit different from yours in that my ISP doesn't bother with all that hoo-hah about identifying a single MAC address. However, I suspect the first thing to try is turning off DDNS on your downstream device(s) and relying only on the router to provide DNS lookups on the NAT side.

On the device's html controls, go to Administration/Diagnostics and you can do ping and traceroute tests -from the router- without involving the NAT side. If the router can do pings and traceroute then the problem likely exists with connection details between computer and router.

I have a newly-installed E2500 which is working perfectly. If there are settings you need to inquire about go ahead in the thread or MeMail.
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Response by poster: The "solution" turned out to be to call up the ISP and tell them that we were replacing the computer with a router. Their (very helpful) customer support had to reconfigure the connection to recognize the different device (router instead of a pc) on our end. Once this was done, everything worked fine. Note that the *modem* that was connected to the cable connection remained unchanged.

Why this had to be done remains a mystery. I've done this kind of thing multiple times in the US and never run into such issues.
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They probably had a mac filter which they cleared.
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