Why does my WRX rattle?
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MeFites, why is there so much rattling inside my 2011 Subaru WRX?

There are two sources. One seems to be in the glove compartment, where when I go over some bumps, it sounds like something plastic hitting up against something plastic. I've Googled, and it suggested that there is too much give there, and so I stuffed something behind it to make it tighter -- it is tighter now, but there's still a rattle.

The other one is on the passenger rear side, and it happens when, say, I'm in too high a gear for the speed I'm going. It doesn't sound mechanical, but again it's like something loose and plastic just hitting something else.

Please advise before it drives me crazy or I have to trade it in for a Mitsubishi Lancer.
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In the glovebox ... check the cabin air filter, which is behind the glovebox itself. You need to unscrew the glovebox to get at it. It's actually easier than it sounds.
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I think the second noise is hitting a resonant frequency with the exhaust system at higher rpm and probably boost from the turbo system. As amazing as the performance a WRX delivers, it is built on an economy car chassis, you are going to get some rattles, especially if you drive it like you should. That is the price you pay for such performance for below 30K. I would get under it and make sure a bolt is working loose on the rear suspension/driveline. Not everything gets tightened right at the factory and like I said these things are kinda working at the maximum potential of the chassis and sometimes the nuts just work loose.
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You might check the rear seat belt to make sure the metal clip (I think they call it a "tongue") that plugs into the buckle isn't knocking against something back there. If there's a half-twist in the belt, the tongue might be hanging in a funny way. At least, this turned out to be the problem for me when I had a rattling I couldn't identify.
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My legacy gets a rattle in the other part of the seatbelt, the latch. Just work the button a few times and it goes away. Took FOREVER to find that, but oh was it so gratifying.
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