fitted sheet for thinner mattress??
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Does anyone know where I can buy fitted sheets that will fit my older 10-inch mattress? Everything they make now is for really thick mattresses, and the new fitted sheets just slip right off my thinner mattress. I'd rather not buy a new mattress just yet, and I'd prefer ones with a full elastic.
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Cozytown Linens sell fitted sheets for shallow mattresses and have various quality ranges to suit all pockets.
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Best answer: I use a device that is a piece of elastic with a clip on either end to keep too-large sheets pulled tight on the bed, if that is of any help.
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Response by poster: Essexjan: those look like the right idea, but $80 for one sheet? At that price I don't care if it's made in the USA--I'll take the Chinese equivalent. Do you know anywhere I can get them for less money? I cannot afford $80 for a sheet.
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Response by poster: Solomon: the device you mention is only sold in the UK, which means a lot of money spent on shipping. Does anyone know a similar invention sold in the US?
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Best answer: "Sheet Suspenders" is the name of the item that Solomon mentioned. We use these and love them. You can search on Amazon and quite a number show up.
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eBay is your friend here.
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Best answer: Sheet suspenders are sold at Bed Bath and Beyond. I'm also pretty sure I've seen small pocket sheets there, from various non-fancy brands.
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Vermont Country Store sells a "Dreamfit" sheet set that's fully elasticized; they also sell sheets for thinner mattresses.
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I have a 6 inch thick queen sized foam mattress and the higher end sheets from Target seem to have enough elastic to not be an issue.
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I bought some long sheet suspenders online and then found some exactly like Solomon linked to at the 99 cent store
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My Target elastic-all-around sheets fit nicely on my older mattress, are a hair too shallow on a newer mattress (not sure of the exact depth--but trust me, it was extremely old and both thin and flat). I'm pretty sure the brand I got was Room Essentials, which makes the really cheap sheets.
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Best answer: i bought two of the suspender types to try them out--the longer ones are better, even though they cost $15 at BBB. the shorter ones are too hard to put on the corners because the clips are not easy to manage. so my recommendation to all you folks out there is the longer suspenders.
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