Help me make the most of an extended work trip to Chile/Argentina
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Resources to help me get the most out of a few months in South America, especially Chile and Argentina!

I will be spending a few months in South America on a work project. Most of my time will be spent in Chile, but I also want to travel to Patagonia, around Argentina and Brazil, and other interesting places. I speak and read Spanish fairly well and will be working as well as traveling.

I'm looking for some cool resources to help me make the most of this time:

- Books on history, culture, music, art, ecology, etc. of Chile and/or Argentina
- Spanish-language books by famous and not-so-famous authors (e.g., What is the best Borges to start with? Which Llosa novel is worth reading? Why does no one read x outside of Peru?)
- Resources on how to do business in South America, specifically Chile
- Podcasts on South American culture (or specifically Chile and Argentina)
- Good local websites (for sorting out practical things, information, community, etc.)
- I'll be hitting the major sites as much as I can, but if you know of any lesser-known Chilean or Argentinean locations that would be great
- Other tips to make this an awesome trip!

Thank you!
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My resources are mainly Buenos Aires related as that's where I'm based but here are the highlights from my RSS feed:

Chile Blogs - you could get in touch with any of these bloggers when you arrive
Emily in Chile
Kyle Hepp
Cachando Chile

Buenos Aires
BA (Pod)Cast
Eterna Buenos Aires (in Spanish)
After Life - covering Recoleta Cemetery, the best blog you'll ever read about a cemetery
My site (link in profile) has a blog and city guide
BA Expats - not a big fan of the community on here but there is some good info buried in the moaning and bitching

That's it for the moment as I have to go to work - there are lots of travel blogs about Patagonia out there. Feel free to memail if you have any more questions.
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This might be a little too specific for you, but please, if you get the chance, check out the Cacheuta Hot Springs near Mendoza. We were the in May and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life- in a year when I did a lot of travelling. Mendoza in general is a paradise, to my tastes at least.

Drink lots and lots of Torrontes.
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Well I live in Chile, I'd be happy to follow up with you for further recommendations (its 4am here and my brain is long past giving comprehensive advice!).

Also, I live in Valparaiso (you must stop by if you're going to be anywhere near)... I'd be happy to meet up or give you city advice.

Regarding the things you specifically asked about... I definitely second jontyjago's advice, especially with the Cachando Chile site.... follow it back to the beginning to get insight and information on many of the topics you've asked about. (Actually, I know all three bloggers- small world).

You might consider watching some movies from the cultures as well... I personally love Argentine cinema. For Chile, I though "The Maid" gave a lot of insight about current society/class issues. I haven't seen it but "Violeta se fue a los cielos" is in theaters here, it'll hit on your music/culture/history... subjects.
My mom also mentioned a movie involving the disappeared and astronomy.. "Nostalgia for the Light" which I haven't seen but might be good for history, culture, ..politics? Not sure exactly but probably worth it!

message me for more specifics or to get in touch... I'm sure I'll think of more things later!
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