What are some free online services/products for students?
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I'm looking for free versions of paid products offered to students (or just in general). Examples of what I'm looking for:
  • Github offers two years free to students upon request of their micro plan.
  • Amazon Prime is free for students for a trial period
I'm primarily interested in SaaS/programming-type offerings but anything useful would be great. I'm open to non-student free things too such as the AWS free tier or electronics components from manufacturers (<3 TI).
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Heroku's add-ons feature a bevy of free-tier offerings.
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Not sure if this is quite what you mean, but both universities I've been at supply loads of free software and site access to their students, often through their library system and/or help desk. So by logging into a student account you can browse Lexis Nexis, JSTOR, etc., or download Microsoft Office 7, for example.

Also googling "student discounts" or "academic discounts" turns up a lot of sites devoted to gathering different types of discounts together - software, travel, etc.
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Autodesk will give free versions of AutoCAD and other very expensive apps to students. The output of said software is watermarked to indicate that it comes from an educational version, but the products are otherwise full-featured versions. The license does prohibit commercial use as well.
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I've found a couple sites that aggregate some of this information but they exclude a lot of services that I would be unaware of otherwise unless I was a user of the service to begin with a la Github. lantius's answer is exactly what I am looking for.
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Here's a good list from Reddit:
What programs can I get with a .edu address?
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Kiln (hosted Mercurial version control) and Fogbugz (bug tracker) have a free Student and Startup version.
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You can get a middle tier Prezi account for free, which both my wife and I have used to good effect on presentations. It's got wow-factor and it's fun to play around with.
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Check out this previous thread for some more.
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Dreamspark - Free development tools (and operating systems) from Microsoft for anyone with a .edu email address.

BizSpark - Free Microsoft software (OS/Dev/DB) for anyone working at a startup (that has been going for less than 3 years)
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Bitbucket has unlimited accounts for students, either Git or Mercurial.
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