Don Ho sings 'Sabotage'
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Early in his career, Conan O'Brien had Don Ho as his guest. Don Ho did a cover version of the Beastie Boys' single "Sabotage". This was the greatest piece of television history I have ever experienced. Is it available anywhere?
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Are ANY video clips of the Conan era of NBC's Late Night show available via NBC? What a shame if not.
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Response by poster: I looked for the clip several years ago, but it was too early to make it on NBC's web site. The clip would be from around 94-95, which is before any of the big companies thought that the internet was important.
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You can look on the NBC website, but they're not in the business of selling clips to fans.
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I too have memories of this bit of gold. Thus far I've had to console my self with Shock The Monkey.
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Response by poster: Yeah, okay, that was fucking awesome Ookseer.
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That does sound cool. Could you write to Conan? He seems pretty in tune with his fans.
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Best answer:
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Response by poster: Thanks, beta male!
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