Looking for arty, nerdy, get-things-done-y resources in Jacksonville
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Where to work, read, move around, and think in Jacksonville, FL? Also, who wants to hang?

I'll be staying with friends in Jacksonville for most of January, and my living situation got complicated at the last minute. The more time I can spend out of the house, the better. I would really appreciate places conducive to the following things: web dev
drawing and watercolor
tai chi
reading and research
business calls
generally hanging out for extended periods of time.

Bonus question: I run Portland's Research Club, and would be totally down to help someone start one in Jacksonville if there are any takers.
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It would really help to know what part of town you'll be staying in.
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You can spend days at the Chamblin Bookmine.
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You might enjoy the Cummer Museum & Gardens on Riverside Ave.
Go to the beach.
If you have transportation spend a day in St. Augustine. It's a 30 min. drive south. There is real history among the tourist attractions.
I agree about Chamblin: A city block of books.
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Reddi-Arts is a good place if you need art supplies. For people watching (and some decent food), there's St. John's Town Center. If you'll be around Riverside/Five Points, there's Five Points Coffee and Spice for hang out, wifi, coffee and food. European Street Cafe has good sandwiches and beer. Wholeheartedly agree with Chamblin Bookmine. There are a lot of parks in Jacksonville if you just want to go somewhere outdoors, and there's an Arboretum in Arlington.
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I'm really partial to the Riverside/Five Points area myself. Sadly Five Points Coffee and Spice is closed, but I am happy to say that Bold Bean on Stockton makes amazing coffee. I'll nth the Cummer and Chamblin's Bookmine. The CoRK artspace/galleries look to be interesting, though most of it is still developing. It's worth stopping by, and afterwards you're mere yards from Intution Ale Works. I have some friends who ran craft nights and drawing nights at Five Points coffee, I'll have to find out if they've restarted anytime recently. There's a Dr Sketchy's branch as well for drawing.

While you're in town definitely take a tour of Sally Robotics, makers of animatronics.
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