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Non-techie with tech needs

I find that I am unable to get rid of certain cookies--seem to be ad ones--after going to tools>>preference etc...and I also use a flush item for flash cookies. but they remain. That is in FireFox but when I go to seldom used Safari browser, they all go, but then I almost never use Safari.

I believe that a program called Onyx will fix, rebuild, for Mac, but not sure which version I need since I got Snow Leopard and then got Lion added to it.

åny advice?
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Onyx deletes cookies.

You want Version 2.4.0b4, which is the one I have, and which works with OS X Lion.

Make sure you back your computer up (via Time Machine or something similar) before using Onyx.

Onyx has a fairly robust help system as well.
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Also, once you open Onyx, you'll see a bunch of different buttons. Choose Cleaning --> Internet --Cookies --> Execute and it will clean the cookies from your system.

If you have open applications you'll have to quit them before Onyx will delete anything.
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Response by poster: thanks...alas, I got the onyx needed but then was told I needed administrators name and password. I do not use password on my machine (download stuff by just clicking ok) and I am stuck at this point. Any suggestions?
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You need to reset your administrator password (and make sure to remember it). See here for details.

If you're not comfortable with these steps it may be worthwhile to take your computer to an Apple Store and have its "Genius Bar" help.
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For what it's worth, cookies usually aren't really that big a deal. I know a lot of people are paranoid that the cookies are spying on them, or that they will slow down the computer's performance. 97.2%* of cookies are harmless and can safely be ignored.

* I totally made up that number, but you get the idea.
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